Guess they’ll just let anyone have an opinion these days…

Marks! Smarks! Friends! Family! People who love Tim Tebow and saw my avatar!



Or eyes rather?


Semantics. All that matters is you are here, and that your attention is mine- ALL MINE. (At least for the next three seconds.)

Or maybe I have… 3 minutes?

I suppose it is only proper to begin this blog with a simple question(s). One that many of you have actually asked me from time to time when I mentioned I was starting a blog about pro wrestling.

“Really? You don’t have a wrestling blog?

How come it took you so long to do that?”

Great question(s). The answer becomes the more difficult part. It’s no secret that Pro Wrestling has been an important part of my life for years now. Over twenty three years have been dedicated to watching, talking, thinking about, arguing, trolling, and actually particpating in the business. But never writing…

One reason I suppose has just been pure laziness. I mean, have you seen my bedroom? (of course you have ladies. But, I am a one woman man now.) Seriously though, writing a blog takes hours and hours of dedication. Activities including but not exclusive to research, development, note taking, and not to mention editing and reediting articles would have to take place. Quite honestly, that takes alot of work, and I for one would rather just call up my buddy Josh and bitch about McMahon than take the time out to make it seem intelligent and stuff. Lord knows I’ve had enough time on my hands…

Another, and more important reason is well… I hate internet wrestling fans. We are all know it alls, and despite what we all may think… fucking dorks. People who have never been in the ring before, have watched Dragon Gate so they think they are more versed than the casual fan, and people who are probably virgins living in their parents basement. (To clarify,I live in my GRANDPARENTS house, and thanks to my sister Angela it is upstairs not in the basement.) Now, I am in no way, shape, or form the mayor of Coolsville by any means. However, my thoughts were just that somehow Mike Curalli was above the usual internet wrestling community. Chalk it up to immaturity.

The real Mayor of Coolsville!

The main reason though is self conscienceness. I mean, we already have one genius writer in the family. Those usually don’t come in pairs. Thoughts of potential nerds ganging up on me to nitpick my work from thosands of miles away from my “two fists of fury”  were too much to handle. “What if I wasn’t any good?” “Who cares about my opinion?” “Am I really funny enough to make people want to read this thing?”

The error of my ways has been seen. Mostly to do with the fact that Bill Simmons’ Grantland has my faith restored in modern blogging. Proving that guys who love sports and have sex with actual people can blog about the business. Mix that with wrestling being the most interesting it has been in years. Top it off with a dash of the fact that as a writer I have found my voice. and guess what Smarks? It’s better than yours! 🙂

So, I guess what this means is that for better or worse internet.. You are stuck with me. Welcome to the new era. The era of… Curalli!

PS: So, you really don’t get an article on the first post. Sue me. You’ll get one when I feel like it…

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